Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Conservative's Perspective on Iraq

I was directed to this article on our actions and policy in Iraq by a friend of mine and found it thought-provoking. The logic behind it seems quite sound and reasonable although I realise there is much that we may not know and/or can't know. I am troubled that we aren't helping pacify Sudan, among other places. The US definitely should show that it doesn't go to war soley for personal profit as is often suggested (and sadly has some base).

That reminds me of something else that bothers me. I keep hearing the President and others saying that the reason these terrorists hate us so much is because of our freedom and what we stand for. Although partially true, it seems unfair not to mention the fact that our relationship with Israel is the number one reason many muslims and arabs cite for hating America. I'm not going to say whether this is right or wrong but leading americans to believe these people just hate us for our freedom or are simply jealous is not right. If they hate freedom so much why are we bringing it to them? Why aren't we just doing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid? thats something that no one can argue against if it's making a difference.

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