Tuesday, June 29, 2004

michael moore...

I found this blog very interesting... I don't know about all the issues in detail but i do recognize patterns of behavior. Moore tends to be inciteful without much if any attempt to see the other side of things. There is much about the functions of the government that we cannot fully appreciate or know about because of security and many people like Moore will exploit the vulnerability. Conspiracies are in large part concoctions of the imagination. There are people that are truly evil and/or ignorant but the portrayal of the current administration as such is very much un-based. There may be mistakes but I strongly believe that the vast majority of people in the White House have the conutry's best interest at heart and are striving to act on those intentions.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Genetics, Mutations, and Evolution

It's always interesting to see stories like this about the possibilities built into the human body at base level. You hear about cross-breeding of animals, designer babies, mutations, and evolutions but one thing seems to have been evident throughout all these scenrarios. While there is tremendous ability in living things to alter and adapt, they are all still the same type of living thing. we haven't, for example, actually seen or accurately recorded a evolution of a reptile to a bird or a monkey to a human. If anything, history and science have shown that while certain abnormalities may occur, those abnormalities present danger to those who have them. In the example of the "super baby" (linked in the title), it has all this strength but because of the defect that allows those muscles to grow so much, the baby will likely have heart problems among other things that could threaten and shorten it's life.

There are positive things that come out of examples like this, medicines or cures for ailments like muscular dystrophy and possibly even AIDS or diabetes are listed. All in all, it's clear to me that our bodies are made with great flexibility but within a certain set of limits. No true X-Men scenario would be in any way likely.

Wasting time.

It's amazing how a relatively simple little game like this can make 2 hours seem like 20 minutes and steal precious sleep time. The title of this post is also a link to that addictive little time-monger...