Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Buying Money

Detroit Free Press
Fox News

... In particular, Sony BMG buying airplay at radio stations to boost their earned lower spots in the top 100s and the like. Pushing a product as the best and having it seen more is a pretty good way to buy more sales... after all, it's a hit right? everyone loves it.

It has been pretty much assumed but now something is being done about it. Will this mean better music and more variety like just about every pop/hit radio station currently claims? We can cross our fingers... if not, at least now we have Napster and iTunes, to name a couple of legal current music download options.

There are so many good and struggling bands/musicians out there that aren't nicely pre-packaged for the pop-culture market. It's nice to maintain that image for those that need a constant happy face surrounded by "beautiful things" but lets give the myriad of talent and diversity out there a chance.

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